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Choosing a crowd-pleasing menu for your summer or fall wedding

bowl of summer fruit with garnish

Choosing seasonal selections for your summer or fall wedding

Peak wedding season is early spring through the beginning of fall, with the most popular months being June and September. As the weather fluctuates, so do the foods that are considered to be “in season.” It’s a challenge choosing a dress and venue, let alone food to satisfy those closest to you on your big day. To provide family and friends with the best tasting dishes on your big day, it’s  helpful to know what food will be in season at the time of your wedding. Produce such as carrots, green beans, apples and corn are all in their prime during the warmer months. Argyle Catering emphasizes using local and fresh ingredients in all of our dishes. Our glazed baby carrots, southwestern corn, garlic green beans and apple crisp all complement a summer or fall wedding.

Summer wedding catering favorites


Seasonal weather is an important consideration when deciding your wedding menu. For a summer wedding, lighter and more refreshing foods are better suited for the rising temperatures. Entrees such as our lemon pepper chicken breast or baked cod are perfect foods that will fill up your guests without weighing them down. Barbeque is also incredibly popular for summer weddings because it’s a crowd favorite and easy to cater. Argyle’s brisket burnt ends paired with our picnic potato salad are classic summertime barbeque elements. To remain consistent with the fresh flavors of your meal, choose a desert that follows suit such as our pineapple upside down cake or lemon bars.


Fall wedding catering favorites


With the arrival of fall, a new array of produce reaches its prime.  Cranberries, mushrooms, spinach and sweet potatoes are all at their most flavorful and abundant. Our cranberry salad, stuffed mushrooms, spinach salad  and sweet potato casserole can be that extra warmth you’re looking for to contrast the crisp breeze accompanying your fall wedding day. Trends in fall wedding foods include heartier items that embody the elements of the autumn season. Enter our savory, mouthwatering entrees such as chicken marsala or German pot roast. Pair these proteins with one of our many side options bursting with fall flavor such as the herb roasted potatoes. Let the icing on the cake come from our carrot cake or chocolate marble cake.


Matching your wedding menu to your reception venue


While the exchange of heartfelt vows is the best part of any wedding, your reception is where they celebrate those vows. A great venue and fabulous food set the tone for an amazing evening neither you nor your partner will ever forget. According to The Knot, the top three wedding venues  are banquet halls, barns and ranches, and historic buildings. Consider choosing food that is not only pleasing to your guests but also complements the atmosphere of your reception location. Banquet halls are typically a more formal setting, and lend themselves to a hot, three-course meal. A ranch or barn venue has been a rising trend in past years and shows no signs of fading out. The rustic elements of these venues are a wonderful opportunity to pay homage to country roots and offer a more informal menu. Crowd-pleasing barbeque or American classics are the ultimate finishing touch to your barn or ranch wedding. A historic venue is a chance to think outside of traditional menus and select more stylized foods. A food theme that coordinates with the unique history of the venue could be a fun and memorable experience for you and your guests.


Check out our full catering menu to get a better taste of what we can serve up!


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