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Planning Your Spring Wedding or Special Event

Spring fever: “a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.”

March winds and April showers bring May flowers…and the spring season along with it. The sun is shining and our surroundings seem to sparkle again. Spring is an exciting time. The transition we see from the cold and dreary winter months to the growth and rebirth of our environment gives us all spring fever. Spring is a time to celebrate, so why not host an unforgettable event amidst all of the excitement of our blossoming surroundings.

Spring Party Themes for Catered Events

Once people feel the sun shining, see the grass turning greener and hear the birds chirping again, they want to embrace the outdoors. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate event, 30th birthday party or even a family gathering, here are a few spring party themes that are sure to impress your attendees.

  • Luau: Say aloha to the return of warm weather! Welcome any guests with a lai, coconut drink and a beautiful flower display. Best hosted outdoors, this theme can be completed with Hawaiian music and trying your hand at hula dancing. Wear your favorite Hawaiian shirt or even find a grass skirt to match the theme.
  • Garden party: Choose a local garden open to hosting events to celebrate the return of flowers and all things photosynthesis! Go all out with fresh flowers and greenery to really embrace the season. As this is an outdoor event, renting a tent or covered shelter would prevent the cancellation due to unpredictable spring showers. A fun way to incorporate the theme into your wardrobe is adding a fun hat or white gloves!
  • White Party: Maybe not ideal for a wedding, but with the entrance of spring, white jeans and other style pieces are back in style! Incorporate the white color in a unique way by decorating with twinkle lights and white lanterns for some added ambiance.
  • Desert Party: Succulents as a design element are trending right now, so why not highlight them as a theme on their own! Invite guests to bring their own mini cactus and add to the decor. This party can be hosted indoors or outdoors, with a versatile dress code.  Disclaimer: Not related to the Burning Man Music Festival
  • Coachella Party: Speaking of music festivals, why not host a mock Coachella while the sun is shining! Consider hiring a band to play for entertainment and encourage guests to dress as creatively as they see fit! The best thing about a mock-chella party is you decide exactly what kind of music your guests hear.
  • Carnival: With the weather warming up, this is a great theme to get people outside while enjoying classic carnival games. Consider including carnival games, performers and of course cotton candy! Utilize the bright and bold colors seen at carnivals and fairs.
  • Pop-Art: Welcome back the colors of spring by showcasing them in beautiful pop art! For a more artful twist on a comic theme, incorporate works of pop art throughout the venue. Dress in theme by wearing anything bold and bright that could possibly resemble an optical illusion. Activity- have a drawing station so guests can create their own pop-art.
  • Glamping: A party where glamour meets camping in a tasteful and climate controlled setting. Bring the outdoors indoors with this theme! Wear PJs, start a digitized fire and enjoy singing camp songs in the comfort of your indoor venue.
  • Summer Olympics: Excellent choice for corporate gatherings looking to build a “team” mentality. Host activities to bring people together while celebrating cultures from around the world! Dress in athletic attire in your designated country’s colors to recreate the olympic atmosphere. Having bronze, silver and gold medals on hand is a must!
  • Planet Earth: Host an eco-friendly event that highlights the natural wonders of our beautiful planet. Pro tip: Have planet earth screening throughout the event to provide an entertaining backdrop without causing too much distraction.

Spring Inspired Color Schemes for Your Wedding

Everything blooms in the spring. When talking about color schemes for your wedding, it is important to consider what flowers you want included as they affect the color pallet you chose. Selecting flowers that are in season will not only be cost efficient, but will also provide the most fresh selections. Here are some flower varieties that are in season during the spring months:

  • Daffodils
  • Sweet peas
  • Hyacinths
  • Lilacs
  • Lilies
  • Myrtle
  • Ivy
  • Peonies
  • Tulips

All of these flowers come in a variety of colors and shapes. In addition to these, consider adding some non-traditional, natural decor such as cherry blossoms, moss and wheatgrass. These are mother nature’s options for textured decor that will help add some depth amidst the flowers.

Going off these in-season flowers, here are some spring inspired color schemes for your wedding:

  • Soft and cool- highlight shades of lavender and baby blue with tones of a subtle grey
  • Sweet and simple- shades of light pink and creme
  • Bright and sunny- warm yellow, light grey and ivory
  • Fresh and floral- light orange, light pink and white
  • Warm hues and green- mix vibrant shades of green with rich shades of orange, yellow and red

Spring Inspired Menus by Argyle Catering for Your Wedding or Special Event

The final piece of planning your spring event is finding a caterer who is willing to work closely with you and go the extra mile in order to help you host a flawless event. Argyle Catering is dedicated to providing gourmet food for your spring event at an affordable price. Our menu features a wide variety of options that utilize only the freshest ingredients. Here are some of our favorites that embody the flavors of spring:

  • Appetizers:
    • Shrimp cocktail
    • Crab dip
    • Seasonal fruit tray
  • Entrees
    • Lemon pepper chicken breast
    • Herb roasted pork loin
    • Pasta primavera
    • Baked cod
  • Sides
    • Parsley buttered potatoes
    • Country green beans
    • Glazed baby carrots
  • Dessert
    • Strawberry cheesecake
    • Peach crisp
    • Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
 Contact us today to start planning your spring event catering menu!
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