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Catering in Jefferson City, MO

Jefferson City is Missouri’s capital and provides political significance and beautiful scenery for visitors and residents to enjoy. At Argyle Catering, we believe part of the city’s vibrancy comes from caterers delivering enjoyable, mouth-watering dishes.


Missouri’s capital has an evolving political scene, regularly hosting events for visitors from all over the United States and the world! As a catering company, we want to bring people together through delicious food. From our swiss meatballs to our delectable Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, our chefs have developed a menu perfect for wedding catering, corporate catering, and party catering.


What makes Argyle different from other catering companies?

Catering shouldn’t stop at purchasing food, chairs or tablecloths, it’s so much more! At Argyle, we set ourselves apart from other catering companies with our world-class staff and exceptional service. Our team is focused on the details, from how the dishes taste to how they’re served.


Catering events in Jefferson City, MO gives our chefs the opportunities to expand their knowledge of food and serve unique dishes for our guests to enjoy. Not only will our catering company deliver exactly what you ask for, but we will strive to create an authentic experience for each of our clients.

How do I schedule catering in Jefferson City, MO?

Easy! Call Argyle Catering today or fill out the contact form. Our catering company is eager to help make your event a success by providing exceptional food at an affordable price. One more thing, Argyle’s catering menu includes: serving utensils, table covers, plates, cups, napkins, eating utensils and a choice of tea, coffee or punch.

Planning a party? We’ve got your catering needs covered!