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Gourmet Event Catering in Jefferson City, Mo

Gourmet [goor-mey, goor-mey] “A connoisseur of fine food and drink; epicure.” Although we may not be featured on Top Chef or Chopped, we still consider ourselves to be gourmet chefs as our food is exceptionally delicious.

Jefferson City, founded in 1821, serves as the Missouri capital and is therefore the hosting city to many political events and gatherings that occur throughout the year. It’s a place where people come together from all over the country and the world to meet and discuss the future of politics. These events and gatherings require only the very best food to be served in order to impress your guests- that’s where we come into play. Argyle Catering can provide the fine dining experience you and your guests deserve at your next event. Tasty food, good company and a welcoming venue are they key ingredients to successfully pulling off an event. Our professional attitude and high-quality food should make Argyle your top choice for event catering in Jefferson City, Mo.

Quality Catering for Professional Events

Jefferson City is host to many important meetings, from informative lunch and learns to dinner parties with respected political guests. We understand the desire to create a professional atmosphere when hosting such prestigious guests. Argyle is fully equipped to cater for such parties with a wide array of dishes to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Our exceptional food and dedication to professionalism is sure to impress your guests.

Event Venues in Jefferson City, Mo

Jefferson City is rich with history. It is home to many beautiful, historic venues, specifically in the downtown area. This abundance of lovely venues makes Jefferson City perfect for hosting an upscale event. Here is a list of possible venues for your next event:

  • Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center
  • The Millbottom
  • Canterbury Hill Winery and Restaurant
  • The West Ridge Event Center
  • Reinhardt Circle
  • Windstone Entertainment Event Center

Catering FAQ

How do I schedule Argyle Catering for my next event?
Calling us is the most direct way to reach us, our phone number is 573-680-1144. There is also a message box on our website where you can leave any questions or concerns you may have and we will get back to you promptly.

Is your catering adaptable to people with dietary restrictions?
Absolutely! We can accommodate each and every one of your guests’ and understand there are variations among what people can and cannot eat. Just let us know about any specific needs and we will do our best to meet them.

What can you expect from hiring Argyle Catering?
Argyle understands that being the host/hostess of any event can be a stressful job. That’s why we provide your event with everything you will need to serve the food. We’re here to make your job easier and help you enjoy the product of your hard work. Our services include bringing serving utensils, table covers, plates, cups, napkins, eating utensils and a choice of tea, coffee or punch, and of course gourmet food.

How far in advance should I book Argyle for event catering?
The amount of notice you should give before booking depends on the party size and meals you wish to be catered. The number of guests you have and the complexity of the dishes you wish to have at your next event contribute to how long we will need to prepare your food and have it ready. However, remember there is no such thing as planning too far in advance. Generally, you’ll want to book farther in advance during busy seasons like holidays and peak wedding season.

Why Choose Argyle for Your Event Catering Needs

We are a professional catering business who value good, quality ingredients and the successful execution of cooking and serving our food. Our staff work tirelessly to provide crowd-pleasing dishes for your next event. We love hearing feedback from previous clients as their opinions matter to us. Here are some reviews left on our Facebook that speak to our skill sets as a catering company.

Planning a party? We’ve got your catering needs covered!