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Affordable Catering in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Flavorful [fley-ver-full]  “Very pleasing to the sense of taste.”

If we could describe our food in one word, we would use the term flavorful. We are proud of the food we serve to our customers and hope it is something to be enjoyed and shared among friends and family!


Lake of the Ozarks is an inviting destination for tourists (and locals!) in the summertime. The beautiful lake, lovely resorts and active lifestyle entice people from all over the country to come together and enjoy all this city has to offer. There are countless opportunities to gather and celebrate at the lake, from Memorial Day picnics, 4th of July parties or simply a family get-together. The overall atmosphere of Lake Ozark warrants a laid-back, stress-free attitude. If you find yourself in charge of hosting an event at the Lake of the Ozarks, let us lift some of your burden and provide gourmet catering to serve your guests. Our exceptional event catering services will exceed all of your expectations and help you maintain that easy breezy attitude people acquire at the lake.


Venues to host your catered event in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

The Lake of the Ozarks has many wonderful venues offering beautiful sunset views over the lake and inviting spaces to indulge in food and drink. From resorts to private cruises, check out this list of event venues to find the perfect location for you and your guests!

  • Lodge of the Four Seasons
  • Ozark Yacht Club
  • Lake Breeze resort and Terrace
  • Stark Caverns
  • Old Kinderhook Golf Resort
  • Seven Springs Winery
  • Celebration Cruises
  • Shawnee Bluff Vineyard


FAQ for Our Event Catering Services

How is the food served?

  • You can expect your catered food to be served from heated serving containers which we provide. We help you with the set up and show you how to properly tend to the food throughout the event so it stays at the ideal serving temperature.


What if I need to adjust my order once it has been placed?

  • If the ordered food needs to be changed or altered, call us and let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to make adjustments, but would appreciate as much notice as possible to ensure we deliver exactly what you want in time for your catered event.


Is there a limit on how much food I can order?

  • We do not put a limit on the maximum amount of food that we cater, we simply ask to give us plenty of time to best prepare it for you and your guests.


What is the pricing for your catering services?

  • We configure our prices by taking into consideration the amount of food we are preparing. With that in mind, we ask our customers to please contact us for all questions and concerns regarding pricing.


What makes Argyle different from other catering companies?

  • At Argyle Catering, we believe we are your event’s co-host and we work to make sure all aspects of the menu match your vision. We go beyond catering with our world-class staff and exceptional service. At Argyle, we believe catering is in the details and it’s our mission to provide a delicious meal without any stress on you, the host. After all, stressed is desserts spelled backwards!Catering events in Lake of the Ozarks, MO allows for a lot of venue options. With our catering company’s experience, we can work together to find the perfect spot for your event at The Lake. In addition to experience, our caterers pride themselves on supplying a one-of-a-kind meals and quality service for your gathering.


Our Passion for Gourmet Catered Food

We started this business for a simple reason: We love good food. We believe delicious food is something to be shared and appreciated by friends and family. Our company prioritizes using best practices when it comes to preparing food. The chefs at Argyle Catering Company understand the importance of quality ingredients, a clean space to cook and of course a talented mind to create crowd pleasing dishes. Get ready to set the table and enjoy!


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