Wedding Catering in Mid-Missouri - Argyle Catering
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Wedding Catering in Mid-Missouri

Celebrate your wedding surrounded by good people, good music and, of course, amazing food, with the help of Argyle Catering. Our food is made with love as we put a lot of thought into the dishes we serve to make sure every plate is a crowd pleaser. Allow us to carry your wedding’s menu from start to finish, starting with our tasty apps all the way to finishing with our mouthwatering desserts. Our diverse menu is friendly to all kinds of food preferences, from pescatarians to vegetarians to meat lovers, alike. Make your special day just that much more memorable by including some of our gourmet menu items.

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Mid-Missouri’s Premiere Wedding Caterers

All of our food comes prepared fresh and from a clean kitchen. At Argyle, we start from scratch and pour our passion into every chop, slice and dice. Our chefs at Argyle Catering are led by their fearless and talented leader, Chef Ryan P. Davis. Chef Ryan has over 15 years of culinary experience following his culinary education at California School of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu Program. 

We know just the right way to celebrate your big day. Our kitchen provides gourmet options at an affordable cost. The menu we have created is something we put a lot of love and thought into to ensure there is something for everyone. Our chefs take traditional American cuisine and put a gourmet twist on each dish to create a unique dining experience. We don’t just serve wedding food, we make delicious, flavorful food that will have your friends and family raving for months after the big day.

Our Approach To Wedding Catering in Missouri

Our approach to how we get the prepared food from our kitchen to your wedding guest’s plate is simple. We first meet with you (either via phone call or in person) to go over our delicious menu items with you. While going over the menu we also talk about your number of guests, portion sizes and food preferences/dietary restrictions. Next, the fun part – selecting your dishes! Once you have chosen which menu items you would like to see on your big day, we will go over a timeline. At Argyle, we are very punctual chefs, especially when it comes to weddings. We know how to stay out of your hair on your big day while ensuring your correct food order is there in a more than timely manner, ready to enjoy.

Mid-Missouri’s Top Wedding Venues

Outside of the food, the venue really helps set the tone for your wedding. The following is a list of some of Missouri’s most sought after and beautiful wedding venues:

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